Pulmonary Disease Fellowship Faculty

Rumi Khan, MD

Program Director, Pulmonary Disease Fellowship

As the program director, Dr. Khan will be in charge of the overall educational activities and training experience of the fellows.  Dr. Khan will also be the clinical mentor for Critical Care and Pulmonary inpatient outpatient experience  of the Fellows. The Khan will also lead he research / quality projects of the Fellows.

Mark Vollenweider, MD, MPH

Dr. Vollenweider will be a Key Clinical Faculty who will lead bronchoscopy simulation, procedure, Bronchoscopy and interventional Pulmonology training.  In addition to taking core curriculum didactics, Dr. Vollenweider will also be responsible for overall interventional Pulmonology experience of the pulmonary fellows.

Kerron Catlyn, MD

Dr. Catlyn will lead and coordinate the simulation and didactic training sessions of the fellows. As a Key clinical faculty, she also will be rounding with  the fellows and supervising their procedures on a daily basis. Dr. Catlyn will be part of the Clinical Competency Committee.

Orlando Ruiz Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Ruiz-Rodriguez is the sleep lab director who will lead Sleep Medicine education of the fellows. Dr. Ruiz-Rodruguez will also supervise in and outpatient pulmonary rotations and Critical Care times. He will teach procedures and will also be a member of the clinical competency Committee.

Jason Stansberry, MD

Dr. Stansberry will act as a clinical faculty supervising inpatient rounds, outpatient clinic and procedures including EBUS and Navigational bronchoscopy. Dr. Stansberry will also lead the Pulmonary Rehabilitation education as well as the educational activities pertaining to long term ventilator and tracheostomy management as well as understanding of billing-coding and medico legal aspects of Pulmonary practice.

Timothy Jones, MD

Dr. Jones will lead the Critical Care Education of the fellows and will be an ICU teaching attending. He will supervise sleep clinic experience of the fellows and as Critical Care Program Director, also collaborate with Pulmonary Fellowship program Director in delivering Pulmonary Fellows' Core curriculum didactic sessions.

Wael Nasser, MD

Dr. Nasser will take a lead role in critical care and pulmonary physiology education of the fellows. He will serve as a clinical research mentor for the fellows.

Jeffrey Sadowsky, MD

Dr. Sadowsky is the Director of the Critical Care services. He will mentor the critical care training of the fellows and conduct didactic sessions

Charles Hunley, MD, MS (Physiology)

Dr. Hunley is an intensivist with strong background and Masters in physiology. Dr. Hunley will be an invaluable resource in the critical Care and Physiology/  research rotations of the Fellows.

Carlos Ruiz, MD

Dr. Ruiz, one of the most experienced intensivist faculty, will mentor the Fellows Critical Care Rotations.

Richard Fiebelman, MD

Dr. Fiebelman is a pulmonologist, intensivist as well as the chief quality officer of one of the Orlando Health Hospitals and he will be a great resource  as a teacher as well as a mentor in fellows quality improvement projects.

Luis Herrera, MD

Dr. Herrera is the Director of the thoracic Surgery program of Orlando Health/ University of Florida Health Cancer Center, Orlando and will supervise the  thoracic surgery rotation of the fellows.

Mark Weatherly, MD

Dr. Weatherly will be in charge of Pulmonary Fellows Cystic Fibrosis training as well as pediatric Pulmonary Rotation.

James Tarver, MD

Dr. Tarver will supervise and lead Pulmonary Hypertension clinical experience of Pulmonary Fellows and he will be in charge to train right heart catheterization  to the Pulmonary Fellows.

Satish Chandrashekaran, MD, FACP

Dr. Chandrashekaran will be responsible for the Lung transplant training of the Pulmonary Fellows. He will be the clinical preceptor of University of Florida Lung Transplant  Clinic at ORMC and will conduct didactic sessions as well small interactive learning session with fellows. 

Michael Russel, MD

Dr. Russel being a Professor Emeritus of Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine and the Chief Informatics officer of the health system will play vital mentoring role for the Pulmonary  fellows.

Juan Herran, MD, FCCP

Dr. Herran, a veteran pulmonary critical care physician, will mentor the fellows in general Pulmonary practice management, billing, coding issues as well as he will be available  as a reference person is challenging Pulmonary disease related clinical puzzles. Dr. Herran will also take didactic sessions and supervise Bronchoscopy procedures.

Marlena Fox, PharmD

Dr. Fox is will coordinate and supervise the critical care pharmacy rotation of the Fellows.

Valerie Danesh, PhD

Dr. Danesh PhD will coordinate fellows research activities, guide fellows through their research projects and help in fellows training in scientific manuscript preparation and  grant writings.