Nursing Oral Suction Protocol Intervention to Reduce Aspiration and Ventilator Events

Insertion of a breathing tube to enable treatment with mechanical ventilation (respirator) is often associated with complications, such as infection and lung injury. Leakage of secretions around the breathing tube (micro aspiration) is a major factor leading to complications. The investigators propose that a standardized, enhanced oral suction protocol will be effective in reducing micro aspiration and harms associated with mechanical ventilation. The investigators hypothesize that those randomized to the enhanced oral suction protocol will have less micro aspiration and other ventilator-associated conditions than those in the usual care, standard suction group.

September 25, 2015

  • Clinical Trial Information

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  • Age Group: Adult

    Phase: Device: Non-significant Risk

    Principal Investigator: Louis Stern, MD

    Sub Investigators: Caroline Elizabeth Smith, DPM;

    IRB No: 13.164.10

    Secondary Protocol No: R01 NR014508-01A1

    Applicable Disease Sites: Respiratory failure