When should I contact your office?
  • In general, as soon as you have an idea, innovation, or opportunity that you would like to share with us for potential collaboration.  Protection of an idea or innovation usually requires the immediate securing of a confidentiality agreement and may require other prompt actions. 
What is Orlando Health interested in commercializing?
  • We are interested in innovation that is consistent with our corporate strategy, which is focused upon Patient-First, clinically-integrated care.  To the extent that you have an idea or innovation that is consistent with  this strategy, we would be interested in speaking with you to determine whether the idea or opportunity has commercial potential.  Should it be determined that such potential exists, we will work with you to evaluate feasibility.  Our evaluation committee will review the idea and submit it to Orlando Health's senior executive team for consideration.  If approved, we will work with you to establish a mutually acceptable plan for protection and commercialization of the idea. 
Am I obligated to disclose my inventions to your office?
  • Employed Orlando Health team members that come up with an innovation in the ordinary course of their employment, that is funded in whole or in part by Orlando Health (or funds for the benefit of Orlando Health), or that is developed through the use of Orlando Health's resources, are obligated to disclose the innovation to Orlando Health. If an employed team member has come up with an idea or innovation that was conceived while not at work, not funded in whole or in part by Orlando Health, not developed using Orlando Health's resources, and the team member does not have an interest in a business enterprise that competes with Orlando Health, the team member has no obligation to disclose. Finally, if you are not employed by Orlando Health or one of its wholly-owned affiliates, you do not have an obligation to disclose.  If you have questions about disclosure, we encourage you to contact our office for more information.
How are revenues shared with innovators?
  • Orlando Health has a number of revenue sharing arrangements with innovators that are applied based on a variety of factors.  Should we collaborate with you, we will share a number of options and work out a mutually acceptable revenue sharing or other appropriate arrangement before formalizing any commercialization effort.
Do you only collaborate with Orlando Health team members?

No.  We are willing to collaborate, as legally permissible, with private individuals, governmental agencies, private companies, and other health care providers.  Our goal is to promote innovation that furthers our corporate strategy and benefits the communities we serve.