How do I apply to Orlando Health?

You will only need one application to apply to any of our several locations. In order to be considered for an open position, an application must be filled online at www.jobsatorlandohealth.com.

What positions are currently available at Orlando Health?

Our open positions are available on our website at www.jobsatorlandohealth.com.

How do I find out the status of my job application?

You are able to view the status of your application by clicking here and entering your User Name and Password.

How do I apply for licensure in Florida ?

Information about licensure in the State of Florida can be obtained from the following agencies. For general licensure information for all regulated professions, visit the Florida Department of Health website.

  • Florida Board of Nursing   850.245.4172

  • Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel   850.488.0595

    Occupational Therapy   
  • Board of Occupational Therapy Practice   850.488.0595

  • Florida Board of Pharmacy   850.488.0595

    Physical Therapy   
  • Board of Physical Therapy Practice   850.488.0595

    Radiology Technology   
  • Bureau of Radiation Control   850.245.4266  
  • American Registry of Radiological Technologies   651.687.0048

    Respiratory Therapy   
  • Board of Respiratory Care   850.488.0595

    What is the pay rate for positions at Orlando Health?

    Orlando Health pays competitive rates comparable to the Central Florida area. Pay is based upon years of experience and relevant education to the position.

    What benefits does Orlando Health offer its team members?

    Orlando Health provides a comprehensive package of benefits to our team members. You can review a list of these benefits online.

    Do you offer sign-on bonuses and/or relocation assistance?

    Based on the organizations critical needs to fill open positions, bonuses, relocation, and other incentives may be offered to new hire team members. Sign-on bonuses, incentives, and relocation reimbursements are awarded at the discretion of the Recruiter and hiring Manager. You can find out more information about relocating to Central Florida online.