Orlando Health’s Graduate Nurse Program spans your first year of employment with us and is designed to help you successfully transition into your professional nursing role. As a graduate nurse, you can expect to work with a diverse and experienced group of expert team members that will provide you with the resources necessary to develop a successful nursing career!

Nurses who complete the Graduate Nurse Residency Program will:

  • Demonstrate safe, competent patient care promoting Orlando Health’s Patient First Culture
  • Develop effective decision-making skills through clinical, didactic, and simulation-based learning experiences
  • Engage in active reflection to identify professional development goals and develop clinical leadership skills

What Our Program Offers Graduate and Novice Nurses

Graduate nurses are hired into individual units by the leadership team of the individual units. Recruitment will provide you and your leadership team with a start date. During Centralized Clinical Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet with the Learning Consultant for the GN Residency Program. An educational plan will be set up based on the service line you are entering.

Graduate Nurse Residency Workdays

Throughout the Graduate Nurse year, GNs come together at the Orlando Health Institute for Learning to participate in Graduate Nurse Workdays. During these pre-scheduled days, you are provided with additional clinical and professional learning experiences including reflective discussions, and participation in simulated patient-care activities using state-of-the-art human patient simulators in our new laboratory setting. Attendance in these prescheduled days is a requirement of the GN Residency Program. During these learning events, GNs also have full access to the GN Learning Consultant to answer questions and provide support as needed. This is also another opportunity to network with other GNs across the corporation.

Orlando Health Mentoring Program

As a team member at Orlando Health, the Orlando Health Mentoring program is available for your participation. Upon completing clinical orientation, you may discuss with your leadership team the opportunity to be paired with a mentor and receive the support and tools needed to further your success as a nurse. Please ask your Learning Specialist for more information regarding this beneficial opportunity.

Graduation of Graduate Nurse Residency Program

After the completion of the residency program, a celebration of your accomplishments will occur.



The GN Residency will provide you with the tools needed to succeed. As part of your professional/educational development, it is expected that you attend all scheduled GN classes.

Clinical Orientation

Your clinical orientation is generally between 8 to 12 weeks with an experienced preceptor in your area of clinical specialty. Preceptors introduce GNs to their nursing responsibilities and help them develop a clinical practice that is personal to each graduate nurse. If necessary, orientation with the preceptor may be extended based on the evaluation of the preceptor, manager, learning specialist and graduate nurse.

Human Patient Simulators

Orlando Health offers educational sessions just for GNs and novice nurses designed to practice clinical situations on our patient simulators with the support of a clinical educator. Examples of previous simulator sessions are Pre-Code, General Assessment and Clinical Decision Making.

For more details, please contact our GN Learning Consultant:

Judy Pourtadayoun @ 321.841.1510

For employment information:

Call recruitment at 321.841.8625, or complete an online application for a Graduate Nurse / Clinical Nurse I position. Orlando Health currently hires Graduate Nurses weekly throughout the year. Our Graduate Nurse (GN) program spans the first year of your employment with Orlando Health. As a graduate nurse, you can expect to take advantage of a diverse and experienced team with one goal in mind: your success. There are many offerings in our GN Program that will help you develop from novice to expert.