Orlando Health's Prevention and Wellness Program is dedicated to putting the "health" back into healthcare.

The mission of Orlando Health's Prevention and Wellness Program is to foster a culture within Orlando Health's facilities that promotes wellness - the pursuit of optimal physical and spiritual health, as an essential component of our nationally-recognized healthcare.

All Orlando Health patients, from children to adults, will benefit from the policies and activities of the Prevention and Wellness Program, which will ultimately lead to improved disease management and disease prevention in our hospitals and in our community.

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What we do
Orlando Health's Prevention and Wellness Program is invested in helping our patients and visitors strive toward wellness. We are continually involved in making positive changes at each of our hospital sites. Some of our activities thus far have included:

  • Enhancing healthy dining options in our cafeterias
  • Bringing fresh produce markets to various hospital sites
  • Providing community lectures and cooking demos
  • Implementing a tobacco/smoke-free campus policy
  • Promoting our Wellness Center with certified trainers on staff

Why it matters
In a country where obesity rates continue to climb in every state every year, and where the number one killer - heart disease - has predominately modifiable risk factors, prevention is the best defense. Our lifestyle choices affect our health positively or negatively. Orlando Health's Prevention and Wellness Program is committed to creating a culture that helps every patient make the positive lifestyle choice, because our health depends on it.