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Our nationally recognized Women's Heart Health program gives you important information about heart disease - the number one killer of women - so you can make the best health choices for yourself and your family.

You consult the best doctors. Research the finest care. Seek out the most advanced facilities. Because after nine months of expecting, preparing and waiting, your baby’s birth is a precious moment. Find out what you need to know when delivering at Winnie Palmer Hospital.


HealthyBaby is an exclusive developmental newsletter offered to moms and dads who deliver at Orlando Health. Topics include age specific information such as Family Matters, Family Feeding, Baby Steps, Parenting & Time Management, and Ask the Pediatrician.Sign up today.

It's unique, exciting, fun and it's free! Orlando Health Healthy Woman is a special initiative that emphasizes the total well-being of a woman-- both body and mind. As a member of Orlando Health Healthy Woman, you also have access to a full range of benefits and opportunities.


Finding a lump or receiving an abnormal mammogram can be frightening. And, while most breast abnormalities are not cancerous, waiting to learn if you have cancer can be a time of fear and anxiety. At many hospitals, after a biopsy or repeat mammogram, it takes days or even weeks for a diagnosis. At the Breast Care Center, our goal is a rapid diagnosis, often within 48 hours