Un-crushable Spirit
Amanda Cole
Amanda Cole barely survived a car wreck, but thanks to the Orlando Regional Level One Trauma Center she lives to raise her son.
I Didn't Want to Go Home
Andrea Massey-Farrell
Excellent service and genuine care by Lucerne Hospital transformed Andrea’s fear of hospitals so much that she did not want to leave when discharged.
A Name for a Little Girl
Barbara Bourland
Chaplains at Arnold Palmer Hospital help a grieving mother name her child after 35 years.
Making a Difference
Ursula Dickens and Jim Baynes
“I didn’t feel good, that is, until Jim Baynes came over,” Ursula Dickens says.
Not a Secret
Ben Cole
Ben Cole, a male breast cancer patient, chooses to share his story to help others.
The Wind Blew
Bobby Crapps
Hurricane Jeanne lands Bobby Crapps in ORMC where he uses art to help ease the pain.
Like a Volcano
Bonnie Stuart
Bonnie Stuart never thought she would be excited to reach her 50th birthday.
Surprise Ending
Brendan Price and Jana Carrington
Brendan and Jana Carrington first battle for his life against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and then the tables turn as they battle for her life against breast cancer.
Angels Watched Over Me
Candace Kavey
Candace Kavey describes the heart attack she suffered and praises the team at ORMC who saved her life.
For My Son
Carla Sinclair
Carla Sinclair raises awareness of sickle cell disease for her son and others.
Medically Unexplainable
Cassidy Ballard
When Cassidy Ballard flew off the inner tube behind the boat, she hit her head on something in the water.
With Only a Duffle Bag
Vivian Chang
The Chang family finds rest in the Hubbard House as Vivian battles to regain her life after a stroke at age 39.
Doubly Blessed
Ciambella Twins
Leaving her sons in the NICU was one of the most difficult acts of love Jill Ciambella could perform. She shares her amazing story to encourage other mothers of preemies.
Two Sisters
Laura Mays
Melanoma took the life of her older sister and shaped Laura Mays' passions.
A Deeper Love
Colado Triplets
When Ray Colado looked at the ultrasound his wife, Meg, handed him, he had no idea he was looking at triplets.
A Shocking Diagnosis
Constance Brookes
Constance Brookes expected to one day battle heart disease, but breast cancer never crossed her mind.
A Place of Peace for a Frantic Mother
Cookie Bufkin
When Cookie Bufkin learns of her grown daughter's near drowning incident at Wet & Wild, she comes quickly to her side and finds all her needs met by the Perry Pavilion.
A Rough Start
Dillon Lambert
Dillon Lambert had only been home from the hospital a few days when he began to get ill.
They Saved My Life
Dwight Diller
No one knows exactly what caused Dwight Dillers car to spin out of control, but the Dillers all know who saved the life of their son.
First Time Mother
Elizabeth Rodriguez
"I have always wanted to be a mother," Eli explained to Ricardo Rodriguez not long after they began dating.
Superhero of PICU
Cullen Bosheers
After a large truck pinned 7 year-old Cullen Bosheers and degloved the lower half of his body, he was in a fight for his life.
The Right Choice
Dana Thiele
A breast self exam and avid research brought Dana to MD Anderson - Orlando for compassionate and competent care.
The Cell Phone Story
Diane Lansverk
When a patient's cell phone goes missing, Lucerne stops at nothing to find it, including the smelly garbage bin.
No Time to Waste
Dorothy Davis
Dorothy Davis' intuition told her to get a chest x-ray. The results were surprising for the woman who had never smoked a day in her life - stage IV lung cancer.
Just One Thing
Earlene Cavendar
When Earlene Cavendar was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she had just one prayer - to see her grandson. MD Anderson - Orlando has enabled her to see both grandsons.
Quality of Life
Eleanor Amato
Heart-attack-like symptoms kept Eleanor Amato fearful to leave her home, until Dr. Medary gave her back her quality of life.
Daddy's Girl
Ellen Demetree
Melanoma took Ellen Demetree's father, but she never saw the enemy growing inside her own body.
Switched at Birth
Emma Provenzano
“Our baby had heart problems. We would go and do whatever we needed to make sure she had everything she needed. But Arnold Palmer Hospital had it all.”
Four Boys
Kimberli Gaither
Kimberli thought she had lost her baby, but then learned she was having four.
Blue Baby Boy
Graham Gaither
Fred and Kimberli Gaither chose to deliver their quadruplets at Arnold Palmer Hospital when they learned that one of their four sons, Graham, suffered from a heart defect.
A Little Heart Throb
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin has undergone two open-heart surgeries to correct her congenital heart defects.
The Cinderella Story
Hannah Coye
The ORMC ED makes a young girl’s dream come true when Cinderella arrives.
Thirty Minutes of Heaven
Healing Hands
The Mind/Body/Spirit Center provides soothing massages for employees at MD Anderson - Orlando and ORMC after the hurricanes of 2004.
No Place to Stay
Horrock Family
The Horrock family came from England for vacation, but within the first 24 hours, their trip took a drastic detour when Alan suffered a heart attack.
In a Strange City
Guy and Joan Hulsey
The blessing of the Perry rooms made Joan Hulsey feel safe during her husband’s emergency placement of a pacemaker.
At Home in a Foreign Land
Isabel Taylor
Isabel Taylor helps a young mother from South America navigate South Seminole Hospital.
Seen and Unseen Wounds
Jacob Bainter
A lawnmower damaged Jacob Bainter’s leg, but couldn’t destroy what little boys are made of.
No Place Like It
Jean Vickers
When heart problems land Jean Vickers in the hospital, she finds the art of caring hasn't died at Sand Lake Hospital.
Life-Changing Moment
Jenny Ray
When Jenny Ray was late for work, her co-workers knew something was wrong. They just didn't know what.
Tears Changed to a Song
Jessica Hernandez
Ana Hernandez nearly lost her 21-year-old daughter, Jessica, to pneumonia, but found great comfort as she stayed at the Perry Pavilion.
All the Way Home
Jorge Portorreal
Jorge Portorreal's motorcycle crash brought him to ORMC and dedicated care saw him all the way home.
An Overprotective Mother
Bill Judge
An overprotective mother cow attacks when Bill tags her young calf.
One Blow Shy
Judi Allen
Judi Allen overcame a vicious attack to return to the job she loves at Teen Xpress.
Compelled to Share
Judy Davis
The news Judy Davis had colon cancer shocked her and her friends. She wants everyone to follow their physician's orders to have a colonoscopy.
The Queen of Tea
June McGaughy
“My voice would freeze when I tried to say, ‘I have …’, but you have to be able to say the word to live with it,” she shares.
Veteran Flies Again
Ken Rohde
After a veteran pilot suffers a cardiac arrest in the convention center, the Air Care Team transports him to ORMC for open heart surgery on Veteran's Day.
With Her Whole Heart
Kendall Grace Judy
Kendall Judy needs open heart surgery to repair her hypoplastic left heart, a once fatal defect.
Devastating Illness Demands Excellent Service
Cathy Kerns
“I was in the prime of my life,” Cathy Kerns shares, “when I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis.”
Priceless Life
Kevin Lucciola
After being hit by a drunk driver, Kevin did not know that he was bleeding internally. Without Orlando Regional Level One Trauma Center he would have died.
A Whole New World, Just Not China
Joe Kilgore
Joe Kilgore thought he only needed a routine physical before heading to China, but what doctors discovered saved his life.
Pomp and Circumstance
Kyle Couture
A high school senior attends his graduation thanks to the team at Arnold Palmer Hospital.
No More Pain
Leida Nater
Leida had been told she would have to have her leg amputated, but Dr. Garnette performed a surgery that took away her pain without costing her leg.
The Lake Davis Story
Linda Ross
Protective Services warned of burglaries in the nearby Lake Davis neighborhood. Linda forwarded the message to her stay-at-home neighbors who caught the man in the act the following day.
Home Away from Home
Mary Linsky
When Mary Linsky suffered an aneurysm after moving from New York, her family came to visit for long weekends and stayed at the Perry Pavilion.
Twins with Different Birthdays
Mancilla Twins
Linda and Carlos Mancilla went on one last trip before their twins were born, never expecting them to come early or weeks apart.
My Employer of Choice
Margaret Elliott
After undergoing brain surgery at ORMC, Margaret Elliott was compelled to work for the company who had made such a difference in her life.
In Loving Tribute
Margarita Lopez and Chris Furman
When Chris Furman, a volunteer of 20 years at South Seminole Hospital passed away, she did not go unnoticed.
Made of Glass
Maria Vales
When Maria Vales saw the neurosurgeon he told her to act like she was made of glass, a wrong move and the tumor on her spine could easily paralyze her.
Living, Not Dying
Maureen Russell
Maureen thought she would die from the metastasized breast cancer; that was five years ago.
In Time to Play
Michael Manuchia
When Michael Manuchia suffered a concussion during football season, it threatened the future of this high school senior.
The Gift of Life
Mike Dennis
Through rehabilitation, Mike Dennis regains his life after suffering a stroke.
Worth a Thousand Words
Mozelle Cunningham
Mozelle Cunningham shows her scar free face to two young girls involved in a crash.
A Difficult Journey-Together
Matthew Loy
When Debbie Loy noticed her son Matthew's face appeared swollen, she had no idea that they were about to begin a battle with leukemia.
Two Neonatal ICU Sons
Danielle McGinnis
Danielle never expected to have a difficult pregnancy. But after her first son was born months premature, she expected nothing less when she became pregnant with her second.
Too Soon
Murphy Twins
When Scott and Michelle Murphy learned they were having twins, they started preparing two of everything. They just didn't know how soon they would need it.
The House of Angels
Jeff Oyer
The Hubbard House comforted the family of Jeff Oyer as he fought for his life in ORMC.
A Spooked Horse
Paige Schnurbusch
Paige Schnurbusch was falling backwards as she saw the horse dart away. And then, all went black.
A Place of Rest on a Long Road
Peysen Family
After an incident at the swimming pool left Chase paralyzed, his family found comfort, rest and a home away from home at the Hubbard House.
Born Free
Rachel Howell*
When Rachel Howell* learns she is pregnant and HIV+, HUG-Me guides her to a successful delivery of a baby free of disease.
A Match Made in Heaven…and ORMC
Ralph Gundlach and Scotty Wren
Ralph Gundlach and Scotty Wren fall in love while volunteering at ORMC.
A Dream Come True
Randy Raiman
Randy creates the courtyard at Arnold Palmer Hospital that he longed for nearly 15 years ago.
Even When it Hurts
Rawley Wharton
Rawley Wharton, a retiree from the Air Force and Probation Department, regains his life after a stroke through the South Seminole Rehabilitation Center.
Reason to Live
Rita Mahaffey
When Rita woke from surgery she learned she had ovarian cancer. Now she works for MD Anderson - Orlando guiding others through the often overwhelming maze of appointments.
An Arrow and a Boy
Sage Kempfer
“Dad, We’ve got a problem,” Sage said as he held onto the arrow that stuck out from his neck.
Living a Legacy
Sarah Szafranski
Sarah Szafranski lost her battle with cancer, but continues to offer healing to others through her endowment and father who carries on her dreams.
A Little Girl's Trip to the Petting Zoo
Shannon Smowton
Shannon Smowton's trip to the petting zoo led to a disease that nearly took her life.
Still My Son
Steve Magner
Steve Magner was crushed by a 2500-pound pipe just after he arrived at work.
Through a Broken Heart
Tara Nicole Brown
A young woman, Tara Brown, records God’s messages to her before her death from a rare heart cancer.
Living on the Outside
Terlisa Sheppard
Terlisa Sheppard lives on the outside while battling breast cancer on the inside.
Early Diagnosis
Tony Hill
Tony Hill never expected to learn he had lung cancer when he went in for a follow-up chest x-ray after a positive PPD test.
From the Crossroads
Travis Taylor
Christine and Sean Taylor never expected to have to make so many decisions before the birth of their son, at only 23 weeks.
An Early Start
Trinity Simmons
A team from Arnold Palmer Hospital flew to Panama to bring preemie Trinity Simmons home.
A Tragedy Transformed
Tyesha Davis
Tyesha Davis was struck by a car crossing SR 436 and as she slowly healed her family stayed in the Hubbard House and Perry Pavilion.
At A Young Age
Valerie Greene
A successful businesswoman's life changed when an undiagnosed stroke threatened to rob her of her life.
At Any Time
Micah Van Horn
Frequent seizures for one-year-old Micah mean frequent trips to South Seminole Hospital ED.
Unrecognizably the Same
Emily Weaver
Everyone who knows Emily Weaver knew it would take more than being pinned between an ATV and boat trailer to keep her down.
While Relaxing in the Tub
Rebecca Whitehead
A relaxing bath turned traumatic when Rebecca suffered a stroke.
The Miracle Center
William Reid
A family's trip to the grocery store on New Year's Eve afternoon ended with both William and Elizabeth needing the life-saving treatment of the trauma center.
Her Little Boy
Ryan Sichler
As if in slow motion Tara Sichler saw Ryan, who had left her side, walk directly towards his daddy’s truck and the falling wheelbarrow.
Taking Flight
Jerry Fritz
When Jerry Fritz suffered a sudden heart attack, he fell head first into the concrete boat ramp below.
More than a Present
CCE Clients
The fourth annual gift drive at Community Care for the Elderly unites the community with the elderly.
Birth and Rebirth
Ana Murillo
When Ana Murillo came to Winnie Palmer Hospital to deliver her child, she never expected to need emergency care herself.
A Family Dog
Bill Baxter and Mazzy Blue
When Mazzy Blue enters Orlando Regional Sand Lake Hospital each week with a smile and wagging tail, spiritual care volunteer Bill Baxter follows knowing he will witness the amazing.
Future Scientist
Brandon Thorton
When Brandon Thorton's legs started aching, his mother thought it was growing pains.
Miracles Do Happen
John "Alex" DeGraaf
Given only a 20 percent chance of survival after a traumatic fall, Alex defies all odds.