Air Care Team Takes Flight

The Air Care Team began operations on October 13, 1984 and completed their first scene flight and patient flight on November 17, 1984, which involved two patients from Florida's Turnpike in Osceola County. Since then, our Air Care Team has flown more than 27,000 patients with more than 1.7 million accident-free rescue mission miles. This includes nearly 5,000 patients originating from Osceola County alone. Our Air Care Team plays a significant role in trauma and critical care services by responding quickly and providing definitive care within the "golden hour" - the first hour after a traumatic injury occurs. Seriously injured patients have a 15-20 percent higher chance of survival if they receive care at a trauma center within the golden hour. Orlando Regional Medical Center saw 4,200 trauma patients in 2005, making Central Florida's only Level One Trauma Center one of the most comprehensive trauma centers in the state.

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