Corporate Health Solutions

Corporate Health Solutions works closely with professional organizations to develop and implement health and wellness solutions designed to meet the needs of your employees aimed at reducing health care costs. Orlando Health Corporate Health Solutions offers clinician-developed wellness programs and customized healthcare solutions that encourage your employees to take an active role in their health and well-being.

Every year, employers spend billions of dollars in healthcare benefits for their staff. And companies with employees who have moderate to high levels of health risk factors are likely to spend even more. However, national studies have shown that implementing corporate health and wellness programs not only helps to reduce these costs, but can also increase productivity, lower absentee rates and reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims.

The Orlando Health Corporate Health Solutions team will work directly with your company to help define a wellness strategy that will meet the needs of your organization. Some of our valuable resources include:

  • Corporate wellness lectures and workshops.
  • Health screenings and assessments, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density and body fat.
  • Lifestyle-focused program solutions selected to meet the specific needs of your employees.
  • Referral to top adult and pediatric medical specialists.
  • Tools and resources for managing chronic diseases.

We’ve brought together all the essentials you need to build – and sustain – a permanent culture of health and wellness in your company.

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