Related Services

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Department at Orlando Health has been characterized as a “state of the art” discipline, providing services which distinguish it from other programs across the country, seeking to be culturally and spiritually sensitive to care for our patient’s heritage and beliefs.

Patient & Family Counseling

The Patient & Family Counseling Department provides counseling (mental, behavioral, and emotional) intervention to hospital patients and their families throughout the medical process, trying to recognize how sociocultural knowledge can be applied to influence the patient-provider interaction positively.

Food and Nutrition

When caring for a multicultural patient population we are aware that patient’s special dietary needs play a major role in their healing process, At Orlando Health we provide Food Services to meet the needs of Culturally Diverse Patients and their families. Special Diets are provided upon patient’s requests based on cultural and religious beliefs. We work very hard to accommodate our patients and their family’s food preferences making our organization a place with true cultural sensitivity.