Are there any resources available addressing safety tips for patients that require hospitalization?

Yes. Many resources are available to patients and families that discuss patient safety tips during hospitalization. In the event you or a loved one becomes a patient at Orlando Health, partnering with our clinical team regarding your care plan can potentially increase your safety and improve your overall experience. Below are a few resources you can view at your convenience addressing patient safety tips and the importance of communication with your clinical care team.

Additional patient and family education sheets are available at all Orlando Health facilities upon request. A few of the topics include:

1. “Let’s Be Partners in Your Care!” (This sheet addresses the importance of hand washing.)

2. “Understanding Isolation Precautions” (This is designed for patients restricted to their room.)

3. What are “Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs)”? (This is designed for patients that are told they have a MDRO.)

Remember, communication is key. Speak up if you don’t understand your hospital care plan or need additional resources on any health topic.