Participation in a Quality and Safety Collaborative

Orlando Health joined the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) in 2011, with a focus on targeted improvement efforts in the following areas: adverse drug events, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, central line-associated blood stream infections, injuries from falls and immobility, obstetric adverse events and early elective deliveries, pressure ulcers, preventable readmissions, surgical-site infections, venous thromboembolism and ventilator-associated events. 

Orlando Health is committed to all of these improvement areas and continues to participate in all FHA-sponsored events and improvement initiatives. Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President Anne Peach also serves on the FHA Quality Committee. In addition, Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital was recognized in the American Hospital Association’s High Performing Hospital Video Spotlight Series, which highlighted efforts to reduce harm across the board and meet HEN goals.