New goal: Truven Health 100 Top Hospital by 2020

“In 2010, our board of directors really helped us chart the course for our quality journey, providing the leadership we needed to improve our quality work,” says Dr. Kelley. “Our corporate quality goals served as a beacon for the work to be done. We wanted to thank the board for leading the positive outcomes that were achieved. None of this would have been possible without their leadership and the successful teamwork and focus on quality by all of us!”

Moving forward, Orlando Health will have just one corporate quality goal for the next five years. “We’ve set our sights on becoming a Truven Health 100 Top Hospital,” says Dr. Kelley. “Our achievement of this award by the year 2020 is Orlando Health’s new corporate quality goal!”

The 100 Top Hospital award is given annually to those hospitals that rank highest in overall performance in quality of patient care, operational efficiency and financial stability.

“Becoming a Truven 100 Top Hospital was chosen as our corporate goal because it is a comprehensive, well-rounded and trusted measure of an organization,” explains Dr. Kelley. “It provides balance to objectively demonstrate that hospital systems can provide high quality care and also achieve strong financial performance at the same time.”

Hospitals do not apply for the 100 Top Hospital award. Truven Health uses publicly reported data, mostly Medicare, to compare hospitals’ performance. Hospitals are evaluated within groups of similar facilities with comparable patient populations.

“It will take the effort and dedication of all team members to achieve excellence and our goal of becoming one of Truven’s amazing 100 Top Hospitals. Everyone needs to bring their ‘A game’ to work every day!"