Angeles Otero, MD

Specialty: Pediatric Medicine
Angeles Otero, MD

I choose Orlando Health

I choose a positive patient experience.

I love the complexity of how the human body works, and I really love helping people and making children smile. Children bring out our inner child. As a pediatrician, not a day goes by that a patient doesn’t make me smile or laugh. When my own child was injured, there was no question where we would go for treatment: Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. For my patients and families, the ease of access is wonderful. Whether it’s to see a specialist or be admitted to the hospital, I trust Orlando Health to provide the best experience possible.

I am Dr. Otero and I choose Orlando Health.

About Pediatric Medicine at Orlando Health

Specializing in preventive, diagnostic and treatment services across the spectrum of adult medicine, our team of experts are also experienced and specially trained to solve complex diagnosis problems and treat a variety of uncommon illnesses.

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