Arnold Einhorn, MD

Specialty: Cardiology Disease at Orlando Health Heart Institute
Arnold Einhorn, MD

I choose Orlando Health.

I choose the best for my patients.

Practicing medicine has been a lifelong desire of mine. It has been an honor to continue my legacy and select a career in healthcare. I chose cardiology because it connects my passion for science and for patient care. The advancement of cardiovascular sciences with improved patient outcomes has made my life's work in cardiology very gratifying.

I joined Orlando Health when two of my longtime mentors invited me to join their practice. It has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be part of this outstanding organization.

I am Dr. Einhorn and I choose Orlando Health.

About the Physician

Arnold Einhorn, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P., is a member of Orlando Health Heart Institute Cardiology Group, an affiliate of Orlando Health Heart institute and member of Orlando Health Physician Group.

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