Lara Hitchcock, MD

Specialty: Family Medicine
Lara Hitchcock, MD

I choose Orlando Health

I choose excellent medical care for my patients.

As a family medicine doctor, I treat a variety of conditions on a daily basis, which allows me to continually apply my knowledge of exciting medical discoveries. I'm honored to care for patients who, over time, become like an extended family to me. I choose to work with Orlando Health because, for nearly two decades, I have consistently experienced excellent and compassionate healthcare for my patients, my family and myself. I know I can depend on the Orlando Health system to deliver the best possible medical care for my patients.

I am Dr. Hitchcock and I choose Orlando Health 

Family Medicine at Orlando Health

Our primary care family medicine physicians provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments for you and your entire family.

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