Nikita Shah, MD

Specialty: Breast Medical Oncology at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center

I choose Orlando Health

I choose to always do the right thing for my patients.

Seeing my parents – both physicians – take care of patients convinced me at a young age that I also wanted to do something where I can help make a difference in people’s lives. Oncology is one of the most interesting and rapidly evolving specialties, and I enjoy being part of that environment. After 17 years with Orlando Health, I could not be more thankful. I get to work for an organization that allows me to perform at my full potential, giving me access to whatever I need to treat my patients with the most appropriate and current therapy.

I am Dr. Shah and I choose Orlando Health.

About the Physician

Nikita Shah, MD, serves as the medical oncology team leader for the Breast Cancer Specialty Section and medical director of the Cancer Risk Evaluation Program at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center.

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