The caller on the other end of the phone said, “David, we all have M-days.” I thought to myself, “I really don’t have time to hear your cute thoughts,” but continued impatiently to listen. He continued, “Yes, we have days that are mundane, or those that are just average ole days. We also have memorable days, those that we remember because something special happened. Finally, we have milestone days. Milestone days are those that change your life, your perspective and that you’ll always carry with you. David, you and Orlando Health have just had milestone days.” The caller was right.


The events that surround June 12th will never be forgotten and have been life-changing for many of us. What happened has become a part of our organization and now is a part of our lives. I couldn’t be more proud of the people who represent Orlando Health and create milestone memories and experiences for patients and each other on a daily basis. I am saddened, humbled and honored to have been a part of the Pulse experience.