2,112 - 44 - 9 - 35 - 6 -78 – 550 – 460 - 13


Many times numbers tell a story. The numbers here have special meaning to Orlando Health because of what they represent. The front door of the Pulse night club was 2,112 feet from the front door of ORMC’s emergency department, the busiest Level One Trauma Center in the state of Florida. ORMC received a total of 44 victims, 9 of whom died either before or upon arrival. All 35 patients who arrived alive survived. Within an hour of the first patient’s arrival, 6 trauma surgeons were on site working. These same surgeons would perform a total of 78 surgeries on the victims. In the initial hours of this event, more than 550 units of blood were administered, including 200 units that went to a single patient (the average body has 7 units). ORMC did an amazing job, not only with the demands associated with the Pulse event, but also continuing normal operation for the 460 patients in house and performing 13 elective surgical cases on June 12th.


2:04 am - 2:14 am - 2:24 am - 2:44 am - 3:25 am - 5:02 am - 10:00 am


The first call regarding the mass shooting was received at 2:04 am. The first patient arrived 10 minutes later at 2:14 am. Ten minutes after that, at 2:24 am, the 10th patient arrived and a call went out for back up. The final person to die from this horrible event was pronounced dead at 2:44 am. At 3:25 am, an active shooter code was called inside ORMC. It was believed that a gunman was inside the hospital. This suspicion, fortunately, was not true and never made it to the media. Even so, it created great trepidation and horrific memories for team members. At 5:02 am, SWAT cleared the Pulse night club and the second wave of victims started arriving. At 10:00 am, the ORMC trauma center was open again to care for others across the region with life-threatening injuries.