Lessons Learned

Our After Action Report (AAR)/Improvement Plan (IP) for the Pulse Tragedy is 51 pages long and includes 66 areas of improvement. To this day, we continue to work on the corrective actions for those areas to ensure we are the best hospital possible not only during normal, everyday life but during times of major emergencies.


What worked well:

  • We, the Orlando Health team, were able to respond, treat patients and save lives when it mattered most.
  • Team members showed exceptional care and compassion to the victims and their families/friends.
  • Prior experience and knowledge of the ORMC Hospital Command Center (HCC) helped to manage the incident effectively, including quick activation of emergency plans and HICS.
  • Continual work and coordination with our community partners.


Areas for improvement:

  • Need for a mass notification system for Orlando Health that can alert specific hospital departments/individuals to respond and provide updates to all team members on the incident situation. This system needs to have a hunt feature that will not stop until the recipient responds.
  • Additional planning around support and care for victims’ families and friends following a tragedy such as this.
  • Expanded collaboration and coordination with our community partners.