The Orlando Health team was able to go into fight mode and remain in place to care for the patients due to their training and education. Without that, they could have gone into flight mode. It is very eerie for me to look at pictures from our full-scale community exercises because a lot of the same people were in the same location doing the same thing during Pulse. That just proves the worth of training and preparing for major emergencies.


The Orlando Health Emergency Preparedness team is even more dedicated today than ever because of what we experienced during Pulse and what the community expects of us during the next disaster. We now have an incident response and management playbook that is updated with our major lessons learned from previous emergencies. We can and have used it a subsequent emergency to ensure we don’t fall into the same traps or experience the shortfalls of previous incidents. This proved successful in our Hurricane Irma response in 2017. No organization is truly prepared for a major disaster; there are always areas that can be improved or streamlined.