Much of what happened on June 12, 2016, and in the days that followed took our team members well beyond the scope of their job descriptions. 


Reflecting upon what contributed to the successful response from our team, we are grateful for the culture that we’ve worked so hard to build over many decades.


Our organization believes strongly in creating a workplace of trust, transparency and empowerment. On the morning of June 12th, our team members and physicians responded in a spectacular way, but what makes us proud is that they perform and work collaboratively like this on a daily basis.


Our culture thrives when our teams make the right decisions in the right moment for each patient. They know exactly how to respond to any situation, when to ask for help and when to ask for leadership support. While our incident command team played a critical role in making high-level decisions, the front-line team made the right decisions as patients entered the Emergency Department in large numbers. We had the right people in the right roles. The team knew they were empowered to make judgment calls. They were encouraged to trust their intuition. When there simply wasn’t time to seek approvals and follow protocols, the team knew they could do what they needed to do to act in a patient’s or family’s best interests. 


Our culture and our planning proved beneficial when our community needed us most.


Building this culture isn’t something that happened overnight — it has been a focused effort over many years. It has become the bedrock of all our successes, from the regular training our team receives to the critical drills we execute to the daily delivery of exceptional care we provide our community every day.