What We Changed

  • Following the Pulse shooting, Orlando Health leadership reevaluated security protocols for our hospitals and increased protective measures for patients, guests and team members. This included minimizing risks by adding metal detectors at the hospitals’ main entrances and more officers patrolling the campus as well as reducing access points in and out of the hospitals.


  • Going forward, we plan to expand our outreach even further to include additional departments for specialized support, such as Community Relations and the Orlando Health Foundation.


  • Social Media proved to be especially critical for real-time, ongoing support. We will continue to utilize social media as an additional communication tool, allowing for controlled messages.


  • With the high demand for ongoing updates, media became a critical resource. Early on, it was evident we needed a dedicated spokesperson who could convey operational and clinical updates to the media. The world was waiting on answers and they looked to Orlando Health to provide them. Recognizing the need to delicately balance our operational needs and clinical updates with great compassion, we turned to Dr. Cheatham. Without hesitation, he accepted this role and did an outstanding job of balancing clinical updates with great compassion. Going forward, we will pre-identify multiple spokespeople to help share the responsibility. They will each receive media training, which will include many learnings from our team’s response to the Pulse tragedy.