This event not only changed individuals, but the department as a whole. The annual MCI exercise was taken more seriously than ever before. The team has grown closer and become more accountable to each other. Some had to leave the department. Many sought counseling and attended the debriefing sessions. For the first few months, we activated an MCI alert for every event we were notified of. Some staff didn’t want to be in charge or trauma for a while. 

Way before this event, our leadership team had developed a style of open communication and caring. This enabled the team to freely let us know what they needed. Our positive working relationships allowed everyone to work together to accomplish a giant mission not only before but during and after the event. There were no egos, no disrespect, only a unified goal of taking care of a large influx of critically injured patients in a very short period of time. I am most proud of how this multidisciplinary team takes care of each other as they care for patients. We never say anymore, “What a crazy day or night.”