How I Heard

The night shift rarely calls me, so when my phone rang around 0230 on that Sunday morning, I was definitely startled. It was the charge nurse calling to tell me she had received a heads up notification on more than 20 trauma alert patients who were gunshot-wound victims. I told her I was coming in and hung up so she would be free to prepare for the influx of patients. Until that point, it had been a fairly quiet Saturday night and she had considered sending some staff home early. Fortunately, she hadn’t. As the night unfolded, we would need every one of them — and more.

While I got dressed, a million things were going through my mind. Would I need to call in more people? Would I know any of the victims? Where were my kids? I was on the road by 02:45 and called the department for an update. That’s when I learned it was a shooting at a club. I assumed it was a club downtown and was surprised to see so many police cars speeding by me as I approached the hospital from the opposite direction.