The ORMC Emergency Department consists of 75 beds divided into 6 areas. At night, we typically have about 40 patients, including some who are admitted waiting for a bed upstairs. We have a shift that ends at 03:00 and we usually go down to one attending physician at that point. Since we were alerted to the shooting event around 02:00, staff lingered to hear more about what might be needed.

My role is ensuring that our processes flow as intended, and readiness is my primary focus. I work with the ED physicians, respiratory therapists and the trauma team to make sure we have necessary equipment such as ultrasound machines and video laryngoscopes. Our volumes and arrival times are pretty predictable, so we base the schedule on historical census data. We usually see 3 or 4 trauma alert patients a day. On a busy Saturday night, we can see 6 to 12 trauma alert patients. This night, we received 38 in less than 1 hour.