What We Changed

  • When we receive an MCI alert, we put the MCI plan on standby if it sounds like an event that may overwhelm our system.   This lets all the necessary departments know that something in the community is brewing.   Initially we were over triaging and putting it on standby for every notification.  It took a little time to develop the thought process about an appropriate response.  We do not want to exhaust the system with constant alerts. 
  • We redesigned our disaster book to make it easier for the secretary to pull the roster and begin making calls.  One of the first notifications is to an additional secretary to handle some of the administrative duties mentioned earlier.  We developed a tracking tool to monitor the location of patients and their status.
  • There were so many requests for interviews and presentations, I had to keep a roster of who went to what event or interview.  It was difficult because the main participants were on night shift and many events happened on short notice during the day.  I tracked the events and tried to be as fair as possible with the gifts, tickets, meals and events for team members to participate. 
  • We think ahead about staffing and who should be working when.  When a particular shift has had an especially trying shift, we try to arrange their schedule for proper time off to refuel.