How I Heard

On Sunday, June 12, 2016, I was the administrator on call for Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC), the community’s only Level One Trauma Center. I was home asleep when the administrative supervisor called me a little after 2:00 am. The first words I heard were, “There has been a shooting and we are expecting about 20 victims.” I gave instructions to call hospital incident command system (HICS) for mass casualties and told them I would get dressed and be in as soon as possible. My next call was to the president of ORMC and the hospital’s chief operating officer to alert them of the need to go immediately to the hospital and implement incident command. As I drove in, I called the OR leaders, nurse managers and assistant nurse managers, as well as the PACU manager and told them to get to the hospital ASAP due to the shooting. I had to keep repeating, “This is not a drill. It is the real thing.”