Jim: We were part of a community-wide mass casualty drill three months before Pulse. The scenario was an active shooter. My role was to ensure our units had the supplies necessary for the sudden influx of patients. Our units were very busy with real patients at this time, and as leaders we had to motivate the team to actively participate in the drill because there was a chance that an actual mass casualty event wasn’t going to occur during the best circumstances. Our teams were great and made the drill very successful. This drill happened on the day shift, but Pulse happened on the night shift. Fortunately we had drills on the night shift as well, so our night team was well-prepared and did an extraordinary job!


Louise: The team had prepared through drills both on a large and small scale, not only for the patient care but more importantly the triaging of the unit to open trauma beds, adjust staffing using team members from other units and get additional supplies needed for patient care to the unit.