Louise: The team did what was practiced — the unit was triaged and nurses came from the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) to take patients back to their open beds. The Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit (NICU) shares the other half of the floor with TICU, and they responded by coming to help in the TICU. Their training and practicing went into play. I could only offer words of encouragement as the team was clearly shaken. “You all have this, you know what to do, you are doing great,” I told them. At that time, I asked our guest service team member to call in additional staff. Everyone came without hesitation. And due to preparation and great team members, the right people at the right time were there.


Jim: The TICU team called the other ICUs and had them come take patients from the unit to make room for the survivors with the most severe injuries. The other ICUs were wonderful and responded to the task by taking patients without even getting a report. Some of the nurses who were scheduled to work on Sunday morning came in early, while others came in on their day off. There was never a shortage of team members available to care for the survivors in the weeks following Pulse.