How I Heard

Dr. Bondani: Saturday, June 11, 2016, was a particularly slow night in the ER. As the overnight attending physician, I started my shift at 11:00 pm. As the evening progressed into the early morning hours, I was discussing with the other attending, Gary Parrish, and the 4 residents what to do for dinner and whether anyone could head home early. Weekends are known for limited choices in the hospital cafeteria, so we decided on a nearby sub shop. We had just placed an order for delivery when the ambulance bay doors opened for an incoming patient. In the distance, we heard dozens of sirens and saw a slew of police cars flying down Orange Avenue past the hospital. Several of us wondered aloud about what might be going on. I mused for only a minute about what could be requiring such police response and then continued evaluating patients already in our department. About 5 minutes later, we received a call from the ambulance bringing in the first patient and were updated by police and EMS to expect more than 20 total victims.