The ORMC Emergency Department consists of 75 beds divided into 6 different areas. At night, we typically have about 40 patients, including some who are admitted waiting for a bed upstairs. We have 4 resident physicians working each night. At least one of these is a third-year senior resident in charge of the trauma bay patients. On this particular night, it happened that all 4 residents working were third- years. In addition, because it was June and the end of the residency year, all residents were graduating in two weeks. It was fortunate we had such experienced resident physicians when the event first unfolded. On a busy Saturday night, we can see 6-12 trauma alert patients. On the night of the Pulse tragedy, we received 38 in less than 1 hour. It was by chance that the event started around 2:00 am, as the second emergency medicine attending had not yet left. I never ended up eating the sandwich I ordered. To this day I wonder what the sandwich driver thought of the whole situation as the deli he works at is located across the street from Pulse.