What We Changed

  • Improved notification process – Several software vendors were reviewed after the incident and the institution is in the process of selecting an improved and more reliable method for the initial notification of hospital staff and physicians.
  • Improved tracking in the Emergency DepartmentA dedicated method was designed to track patients in the department, including movement within and transfers out of the department. This required the addition of a dedicated paper “flow” form and dedicated secretarial staff to track and follow patients through their department stay.
  • Improved documentationA simpler, more concise, one-page paper mass casualty intake form, separate from our everyday electronic medical record, was developed to facilitate better patient care documentation in a more concise and user-friendly manner.
  • Improved patient identification A confidential, online database was developed that could be shared easily between patients’ families, law enforcement, healthcare providers and others in order to facilitate quicker and more-reliable patient identification and family reunification.