Lori: One advantage for the ORMC Blood Bank is that the team is exceptional at handling multiple MTPs at the same time. Not at the magnitude of the Pulse event, but the skills are used daily by each team member.


Lourdes: The Corporate Emergency Management team participates in the community-wide drills and the Blood Bank is an active part of the response to specific types of emergencies. A drill in March 2016 involved an active-shooter scenario with patients coming in two waves. During this drill, the emergency department sent a test request on paper asking for Type/Screen or Type/Crossmatch. The Blood Bank went through the process of locating the specimens to perform the testing. The exercise allowed us to walk through the process with the information received from the ED. The drills were beneficial not only in defining a process within the Blood Bank, but also in defining the process between the ED and the Blood Bank.  Although it is great practice, the drill does not fully prepare the team for the emotions and stress of the actual event. While it provides a backbone for responsiveness, managers need to be able to improvise as the situation dictates.