I was called in for the Incident Command. I also was guiding my Central Supply team on how we needed to respond. Central Supply first shift starts at 5:00 am. This turned out to be a huge advantage, as we had a team of seven coming to work to distribute supplies. As my team was arriving in the department, they were asking what was going on, why were the streets blocked and, “Why are there so many police out there?” I told them of the shooting down the street and that we had about 20 patients and were expecting another 20. They asked, “What do you want us to do first?” I asked that all of the Emergency Department be stocked with supplies and told them, “If you can get into the trauma area, go for it, but it is really busy.” I also asked my staff to stock supplies in all the ICUs and surgical areas. Then the team started taking the supplies to the units, and I returned to Incident Command.