It’s been said that in times of crises, you either rise to the occasion or you crumble. I’m proud to say that my team rose to the occasion. When faced with the most demanding situation that any of us have encountered, or likely will encounter in our careers, we pulled together and successfully managed the largest press presence imaginable. The phrase “team work” so aptly applies to how we received, organized and responded to members of the press and how we collaborated with each other. There were hundreds of tasks to be met each day — securing patients, executives and physicians for press interviews, booking the studio, producing our own video news releases, ordering food, the list seemed endless. Each of us knew what needed to be done and we were empowered to do it.


The Pulse shooting affected each of us differently. Ultimately, I think it made us all more confident in our abilities. Unfortunately, it also made us realize just how vulnerable we are as individuals.