How I Heard

As my cell phone rang, I began to realize this was not a dream and reached over to grab it from the night stand. The time was around 4:00 a.m. on June 12, 2016. The caller ID displayed the name of our hospital’s chief operating officer (COO). I was not the administrator on call, so the only reason he would be calling me, I thought, was not going to be good. All of those thoughts rushed through in seconds. Carlos Carrasco, our COO, told me there had been a mass shooting of at least 20 people and asked if I could come in to work. I was stunned. I asked him to repeat himself, although I had heard him clearly. He repeated his question and I replied, yes, I would come in.


I sat at the end of my bed in disbelief. Just then my cell phone received a push-notification from an international news agency that read, “Mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. At least 20 confirmed shot.”  Reality struck. This really was happening.