I called the EVS ops manager early in the morning to check on resources and determine if there was an escalation plan implemented. One of our EVS team leads was first on the scene at 3:00 am and went straight to work delegating duties to the Emergency Department EVS team. Our EVS house supervisor arrived at approximately 6:00 am and went to the basement to make sure the cleaning carts were stocked with supplies and equipment, and immediately sent housekeepers out to the units upstairs to take care of discharges so that inpatient rooms could be ready for the ED and surgery patients. Some team members from the 3rd shift stayed over to help. Around 7:00 am, patients were lying out on stretchers in the halls of the ED and staff was running around the department in all directions. Patients would stop our EVS team as they walked through the ED aisles, grab a team member’s hand and ask for help or information about a friend at the club with them that night.