What We Changed

During an MCI, there is a need to have additional EVS support in the ED to ensure the area is kept clean during the incident. We learned that if we had broken the tasks up into three phases to distribute the resources evenly, then our response to the incident would have gone much smoother. 

  • Phase I, the ED: Focus on the ED, but not just cleaning and turning over beds. The need for additional EVS staff to perform cleaning throughout the hallways and the main corridor into the hospital from the ED to ensure that blood or blood-borne pathogen issues were continually addressed was essential.
  • Phase II, the OR: Send more EVS team members to the operating rooms instead of having them focus on dusting and other non-essential tasks.
  • Phase III, the ICU: Prepare the ICU rooms for intake. The MCI Staffing Response and Support plan allows us to strategically deploy resources more efficiently where needed. It also includes an opportunity to debrief with the team members.