Once ORMC was cleared, we loaded cases of water for the ER. When we delivered the water, the gravity of the situation was apparent. We set up a conference room for families and put together an incident command cart. The team and I passed out countless bottles of water to those gathered outside the hospital’s north tower entrance. We set up an ER refreshment center. And, we brewed and delivered lots of coffee. I cannot give an honest accounting of the requests we processed and completed, but we all just kept busy and did not dwell on the tragedy that had befallen our town. Every food and nutrition team member did their utmost. They selflessly did whatever was asked and often times what wasn’t asked. They anticipated needs before they became apparent. Patients were fed. Staff was fueled to serve patients. Doctors only came down when they were famished. Victims’ families and friends got coffee and sat in the dining room to cry somewhere other than a waiting room. I was only able to make brief eye contact with anyone for fear I would break down.