The primary function of the Internal Communications Department is to connect the many internal audiences of Orlando Health by communicating timely news and information and, through recognition programs that promote team-member engagement with our mission, strategic imperatives and organizational values. The platforms we use to report the internal news and recognition both played a role in facilitating this connection during, and in the weeks following, the Pulse tragedy.


The department also plays a key role in the change-management process by producing more than 500 communication plans, projects and executive messages annually. We write and publish several online news sites and an online news magazine. We also produce regular video news programming and provide talking points and script writing to executive leadership to assist in conveying corporate messages to team members electronically: via email, online articles, social media and video productions.


Our main communication portal is our intranet, which is updated continuously throughout the day as breaking news and events occur. It is one-stop shopping for all pertinent Orlando Health news, campaigns, events and benefits.


We have one main cardinal rule: Whatever is shared with the community via any media outlet is first shared with our team members and physicians. In other words, family hears the news first!


More than 50 news articles, media updates, system-wide broadcast emails and video programs specifically related to the Pulse tragedy were communicated to Orlando Health team members and physicians.