Lessons Learned

We identified areas of opportunities by noting deficiencies or inefficiencies during the process of managing the situation. For example, we realized that we needed more people and sooner to handle various support functions such as creating a spreadsheet of all our press interactions, especially during the first few weeks. Our PR firm of record would have handled that task masterfully. But we were so busy we simply neglected to contact them.


Another area of opportunity was created as a result of the sheer volume of press. For example, the room in which we staged the Tuesday press conference was packed with people. In our crisis plan, although we have multiple press staging areas for all of our facilities, we never imagined needing a room to accommodate hundreds of people. That remains an opportunity that we are reviewing.


And finally, we failed to consider the possibility of some sort of sensational sidebar story the press latches onto that requires its own special media relations attention and thereby draws away already-strained resources.