As I reflect on the Pulse nightclub shooting, I find myself re-reading a post that I put on my Facebook page the evening after the attack. Here is what I wrote:


“I saw two faces today. The face of grief beyond what any words can describe. I struggle to process the loss of life and the suffering I witnessed. Each of these victims has a story, has a family, and has friends.  Take a minute to learn someone’s story; you never know when they will no longer be here to share it.  The other face I saw was one of complete and total dedication to serving the needs of our community when it truly does matter most. The entire ORMC family of caregivers has and continues to put their hearts and souls into saving as many lives as possible. I could not be more proud to be a part of this team…wouldn’t dream of working anywhere else.”


Respiratory therapists are a vital member to the healthcare team. Knowing that we were part of a family of caregivers that saved lives by offering expert, composed and resolute care with unwavering passion and dedication gives me and my team a sense of great purpose and pride. It was an honor to serve our community when it needed us most.