Key Takeaways

Take Drills Seriously – Drill Like It’s Real.  Every time. Don’t take shortcuts or just go through the motions without treating the event as if it were the real thing. The more you drill with intensity and purpose, the more muscle memory you create for when a real incident occurs and your mind begins to race. If you drill like this, you will fall back on what you know.


Expect the Unexpected. We never expected to experience a horrific incident of this magnitude at our hospital, but we did. We never expected to be put on the national and world stage as the hospital caring for the victims of one of the deadliest mass shootings in America, but we were. Always expect the unexpected — and be ready for it.


Validate the Efforts of the Team. As this tragedy unfolded, there was immense focus on the lives lost and the lives that would be changed forever. While it is important to memorialize the victims who didn’t make it back home from Pulse that night, it is also important to honor the lives that were saved. Because of the collective efforts of hundreds of our team members from all disciplines of care, we saved the lives of 35 people. We know their stories and we know that in some way we made a difference in their lives. Know that the work you do is meaningful and has purpose.