Margeson: The primary day-to-day responsibilities of an Orlando Health security officer revolve around three key components — prevention, protection and response. First and foremost, we train our officers to project themselves as professionals by both appearance and practice. This is largely achieved by staying alert and aware of their surroundings while being friendly and engaging with our patients, guests and team members. We train them to seek opportunities to protect and serve, to be proactive versus reactive. Prevention and protection are our goals, but when incidents occur how we respond matters. These clearly defined pillars of responsibilities coupled with our professional service delivery practices were critical to the success of our security operations for the Pulse incident. I could say it’s rare to have a situation like the Pulse shootings affect our security services in the way that it did, but that would be an understatement. The truth is this: We’ve never experienced an incident of such magnitude. It absolutely stretched our security department’s capabilities right up to the breaking point. But we did not break, we became stronger.