What We Changed

Lang: After Pulse, the downtown campus became semi lockdown with security monitoring and weapons screening at all public entrance points. We also reduced the number of access points into the hospital and increased security staffing by about 15%. The new normal is to screen all guests and patients. Plans have been developed for a visitor-management and badging system. Currently, team members freely enter and exit with proper badging. Several locations are not monitored by security, but have team-member badge access.


Cameras have been upgraded in some areas and an extra vehicle patrol was added. Areas of concern were identified and documented with infrastructure enhancements in process. We have become a Security Department of Distinction with IAHSS and have enhanced training. We have upgraded to walk-through metal detectors and have deployed three X-ray screening machines. Law enforcement go bags for emergency situations have been added to the three public entrances. These bags contain badges for hospital access, a master key and a laminated architectural drawing of the hospital’s first floor. Better communication processes among all departments have been developed to keep all informed on large crowd, media events and any issues with general access control. In Human Resources, managers and supervisors have been making notifications as to workplace violence issues and terminations that could pose a risk. To me, it seems that a majority of team members now take safety and security more seriously.