Because our days vary so greatly based on the patients’ needs, our team is composed of professionals who are able to rise to any challenge. Our mental health therapists are trained in crisis intervention. Our social workers are patient advocates who make sure they have the best resources available for all of their patients. The nurses in our department understand the complex medical needs that follow a mass shooting. With so many diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we are able to come together as a team to ensure patients receive the care they need to safely transition from the hospital to the next level of care.


During the mass casualty drills at ORMC, our team staffs the emergency room to see if any inpatient admissions can be diverted to outpatient services. Meanwhile, our inpatient care management teams work quickly to arrange a safe discharge plan for as many patients as possible, knowing many victims are waiting for an inpatient bed.


Like many departments, there is always opportunity to improve. Because discharge planning for patients often depends on many outside factors, it is important to communicate with vendors, insurance companies and providers to ensure everyone can quickly assist when patients need to transfer to the next level of care.