The Care Management department consists of utilization review nurses, social work discharge planners, registered nurse discharge planners, mental health therapists and case management technicians. Our team is responsible for making sure the patient's status (observation, short stay or inpatient) is correct on admission, a safe discharge plan is in place for all patients, emotional support is available for patients and families, and patients are provided with state and federal notices.

Our day-to-day activities vary greatly based on a multitude of factors. However, I never expected that our team would have to coordinate the safe discharge and provide emotional support for so many victims at once.  


With the help of the care management leadership from our sister hospitals, Orlando Health South Seminole and Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips, I coordinated staffing so we could provide extra mental health team members at ORMC to support the families in the waiting rooms. Our discharge planning team focused on coordinating as many discharges as possible with the medical staff to make sure there were open beds for the victims.