How I Heard

Phyllis, above left: Our Spiritual Care protocol is to give me the earliest heads up when something out of the ordinary is happening -- even when it is only a possibility, but especially if it is something BIG. So when my house phone rang at 2:14 am and the caller ID showed it was Orlando Health, I immediately thought, Oh, God, this is not good! Regina Nevels was our chaplain on duty on the campus, and she told me there was a possibility of 20 gunshot-wound victims coming from the Pulse nightclub only three blocks away. That proximity to our campus meant the patients would arrive before additional chaplains could get there. Once again, I thought to myself, This is not good!

After getting her update, I texted every chaplain on our team at 2:25 am. I indicated “Mass Casualty Incident,” “Gunshot Wound - 20 victims,” “Report to ORMC IMMEDIATELY.” Two chaplains texted back immediately, “getting dressed, on my way, about 30 minutes ETA.” I then began to call chaplains’ cell phones and home phones. My call scared the wife of one chaplain so much that she told me I had the wrong number. I knew it was the right number and that at this time of the morning I probably scared her, so I immediately called back. Our chaplain answered, “Yes, chaplain, what is wrong?” I informed him of the mass casualty incident (MCI) and the number of patients. He said he would dress and be on his way into Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC).